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FREE 2020 Printable Calendar


FREE 2020 Printable Calendar

Start the new year with this FREE 2020 Printable Calendar. The clean, modern design includes space for your monthly goals, monthly focus, and important dates. It’s perfect to organize your every day life or daily workouts, meal plans, work tasks, and more!

Get a FREE 2020 Printable Calendar. Each month includes a space for monthly goals, a monthly focus, notes, and important dates. Make 2020 your BEST year yet! #freeprintables #2020

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I can’t believe it’s almost 2020. Time flies!!!! Each year, I’m determined to become more organized, productive, and successful in every way. I have big goals (and diagnosed ADD), so I used LOTS of calendars, planners, and to-do lists. 

Years ago, I used to make monthly calendars, by hand, each and every month. I would sit there with a ruler and colored pens and spend way too much time making the PERFECT calendar. 

FREE 2020 Printable Calendar

This year, I made a printable 2020 Calendar. It has a clean, simple design. Each month includes a small pop of color. Each month also includes space for “Monthly Goals”, “Monthly Focus”, “Notes”, and “Important Dates”. It’s the perfect tool to help create a more organized, productive, successful, healthy, and HAPPY 2020. 

Monthly Goals

In the past couple years, I’ve been buying planners. I always loved the ones that had room for my monthly goals. It’s extremely easy to forget one’s BIG, main goals when trying to conquer every day life. I’m guilty of letting my main goals suffer because I was distracted by the mundane or current work tasks. 

It’s easy to put off what we want or know we NEED to do to get what we want. We say things like, “I’ll start tomorrow”, “I’ll start after I do this”, “I’ll do it when things get easier”, etc. etc. Unfortunately, for me, there always seems to be another reason to push off the hard, uncomfortable tasks that eventually accomplish the bigger goals and get me the life I want. 

When I SEE my goals every day, I’m less likely to forget about them and more likely to do the things I need to do to accomplish them. This is why I included a space for our monthly goals on the FREE 2020 Printable Calendar. 

Our monthly goals do not need to be BIG. They should be realistic, measurable, and action-specific. They should also be a step towards our bigger, life goals. For example, “Work-out 3-4 times a week”. This leads to accomplishing the main goal of being healthy, getting fit, or losing weight. It’s measurable in a healthy, action-specific way. We can control how many times we workout a week. We cannot control whether we lose 2 pounds a week or not (this also does not include specific actions).

Free 2020 Printable

Monthly Focus

I used to have a difficult time coming up with a word or phrase to be my monthly focus. I used to skip this part in my planners. But, it is an important step to accomplishing larger goals. It also helps us to refocus when we get overwhelmed or distracted by everything else in life. 

A monthly focus can be as simple as picking an area of your life that you want to improve the MOST this month. Maybe, it’s “Be Healthy”. Seeing this every day will remind you to make healthy choices every day in every way. Your monthly goals can include specific ways to accomplish this. 

It’s easier to break down larger goals or ways you want to improve. It’s also easier to focus on one at a time. Big, complete life overhauls tend not to last long-term. This is why I included a spot for your “Monthly Focus”. It helps to accomplish long-term change. 

Important Dates & Notes

Each month of the FREE 2020 Printable Calendar also includes a place for “Important Dates”. These can be birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, or whatever is important to you. 

The “Notes” section can be used for whatever you want! I usually add motivating quotes or phrases. I frequently write, “Progress, not perfection” to remind myself that progress is what matters. 

Get a FREE 2020 Printable Calendar. Each month includes a space for monthly goals, a monthly focus, notes, and important dates. Make 2020 your BEST year yet! #freeprintables #2020

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I’m wishing you the BEST 2020! Let’s make all our goals come true! *Cheers*

What are you using the FREE 2020 Monthly Printable for? What are your goals for the new year?! I’d love to hear them! <3

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