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Easy DIY Printable Goodie Bags

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Easy DIY Printable Goodie Bags

Make your own ADORABLE Party Favor Gift Bags at home with these easy DIY Printable Goodie Bags. All you have to do is print, cut, and glue!

Easy DIY Printable Goodie Bags

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I used to make and sell A LOT of handmade goodie bags with my Love Mischka Etsy Shop. I frequently received messages asking for templates or digital copies that people could print from home. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any (more on this later). 

 A few months ago, I learned that someone else started to fill the void. They were clearly selling digital, DIY printable goodie bags of MY designs. I was so upset. 

I also realized that I needed to create digital versions of my own designs. DIY printable goodie bags allow people to save money and time. There’s no waiting for the creation of the bags or shipping. No shipping cost. The printable are IMMEDIATELY available as an instant download. 

DIY Printable Goodie Bags

All of my designs were originally sketched by hand. To make my handmade, physical goodie bags, I cut those sketches into various pieces to use as stencils. I still have and use these stencils. I trace each one on the desired colored cardstock then cut it out. Once ALL my pieces are cut, I arrange, layer, and glue/tape them on a small, kraft bag. 

First Steps to Design
My first two steps to each design.

I no longer trace and cut every single piece by hand. I still do some. My dad bought me a Silhouette Portrait Cutting Machine when I was swamped in orders. All I did, every day, was cut. I had to wear carpal tunnel braces because I was in so much pain. I didn’t have time for ANYTHING else. Just bags, bags, bags. The Silhouette Portrait Cutting Machine definitely made EVERYTHING more efficient. I still, sometimes, clean up what the machine cuts with my favorite Martha Stewart Precision Scissors… but, that’s because I’m a little psycho…

Goodie Bag Pieces
Cut, Cut, Cut

The DIY Printable Goodie Bags are also more efficient. I was hesitant to create them for a long time because I LOVE the handmade, LAYERED look of different pieces of cardstock. The layered cardstock adds dimension. I did my best to create this in the printables. There are some designs that include a few different pieces to cut then glue. This helps to add more dimension. 

How Easy?

Most of the designs are just one cut-out. One piece. That’s it. There isn’t much assembly, except gluing or taping that one piece onto a bag. I know the pain of cutting for hours, so I wanted to make things as easy and efficient as I could for others, while still maintaining quality and adorable-ness. 

Easy DIY Goodie Bags
Sneak peak of two templates.

After purchasing (at the moment, the DIY Printable Goodie Bags are only available in my Love Mischka Etsy Shop), a PDF file is IMMEDIATELY available for instant download. All you have to do is – Print, Cut, and Glue. 

More detailed instructions and product recommendations are included with the purchase. I’ll also recommend products below. But, FIRST…. 

What Easy DIY Printable Goodie Bags are available?

The Love Mischka Etsy Shop has MANY different designs. Safari, Woodland, Barnyard, Shark, Crab, Fancy Nancy, Snow White, the Secret Life of Pets 2, and many, many more. If there is any other design you would like to see, please let me know! 

Below are some favorites. Click the photo to check out the listing and learn more. <3

Shark Party Favor Gift Bags
Tiger DIY Printable Goodie Bags
Horse DIY Printable Goodie Bags
Paw Patrol Party Favor Gift Bags
Elephant Party Favor Gift Bags
Giraffe DIY Printable Goodie Bags
Snow White Party Favor Gift Bags
Pig Goodie Bags for Kids
Zebra Party Favor Bag
Max Pets 2 Party Favor Gift Bags
Gidget DIY Printable Goodie Bags
Crab DIY Printable Goodie Bags
Hippo Party Favor Gift Bags
Fox Party Favor Gift Bag
Raccoon DIY Printable Goodie Bags
Fancy Nancy Party Favor Bags
Owl Goodie Bags for Kids
Cow Birthday Party Favor Bags

Product Recommendations

Cardstock – I recommend printing the the file on high quality, white cardstock. I personally LOVE Neenah Exact Index Cardstock.

Brown Bags – I use brown kraft bags that are 4.5″ x 2″ x 5.75”. These Brown Paper Gift Bags by Fun Express are the perfect size. 

The designs work well with other size bags as well. The above size (4.5” x 2” x 5.75”) allows for complete coverage of the front of the bag by the design. Other sizes may show more of the bag behind the design.

Scissors – I’m OBSESSED with Martha Stewart’s Precision Scissors. They allow me to cut such clean, precise lines.

Glue – For smaller pieces, I use Fullmark Permanent Adhesive/Glue Roller. It has a strong hold and is easy-to-use. It also does not make a mess, which is a HUGE plus. For larger pieces, I actually use this Permanent Double-Sided Tape by AJ Sign World. It’s GREAT!

Happy Crafting!

I would LOVE to see your DIY Printable Goodie Bags! Thank you for stopping by!

Love Mischka

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