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How to Make DIY Reindeer Gift Bags

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How to Make DIY Reindeer Gift Bags

These DIY Reindeer Gift Bags are easy, quick, and adorable. They have been one of my best sellers since I opened my etsy shop. I’ve been giving gifts in them since 2013. Sometimes, I think people like the bag more than the gift!

DIY Reindeer Gift Bags

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DIY Reindeer Gift Bags

These bags are simple, but ADORABLE! I have received so many compliments on them throughout the years. They are very similar to my DIY Reindeer Candy Canes. The candy canes are what inspired this bag design. 

I would show the very first Reindeer Gift Bag that I made in 2013… but, it’s a bit embarrassing. I was on the right track though! I sent it to my old roommate who lives in Spain. She adored it. 

This DIY guide will show you how to make the most recent, and cutest, design. 

DIY Reindeer Gift Bags

Materials Needed for 1 Reindeer Bag:

  • 1 Brown Bag. This DIY will work on any size bag. I use one that measures 4.5″ x 2″ x 5.75”. Unfortunately, this size is incredibly hard to find. I actually regret designing all the bags in my shop at this size because only one retailer seems to carry it. I am not going to recommend them because the quality of the bags has DRASTICALLY diminished. EVERY bag in the pack has been falling apart. I waste SO much time putting them back together. It’s incredibly frustrating. 
  • Red Glitter Cardstock. Sometimes, Walmart sells this at a great price. It’s a hit or miss though.
  • White Cardstock. I prefer the brand Neenah. Their cardstock is high quality. I’ve never had a problem with it or them.
  • Black Cardstock. Once again, Neenah Cardstock is my favorite.
  • Glue and/or Double-Sided Tape. I’m obsessed with these glue rollers – Fullmark Adhesive Rollers. I use them on most of my orders. They stick very, very well. I also use this double-sided tape on my orders.
My favorite glue roller and double-sided tape.
  • Brown Pipe Cleaners. I use ones that are about 12 inches long. eBoot Pipe Cleaners tend to shed less when cut. I have used other brands that just fall apart. Fuzz is everywhere. I have to keep trimming the bare wire. Then the little wire bits magnetize to my laptop charger. It’s a mess. The eBoot Pipe Cleaners are better ones though.
A close-up of those pipe cleaners in action!
A close-up of those pipe cleaners in action!

Tools Needed for Reindeer Bags

  • Scissors. I honestly don’t know what I would do without my Martha Stewart Precision Scissors. I thought I lost a pair at a craft fair. They were missing for WEEKS. I felt like my work suffered. And, I’m being completely serious. These scissors help to cut perfect, precise lines. My work does not look the same without them. Fortunately, I found my pair… after buying a new one. Isn’t that how it always works? BUT, now I have two!! Woo woo! These scissors are a must for every crafter.
  • 2.5 inch Hole Puncher. This is for the Reindeer’s nose and the white parts of its eyes. I use Fiskars Circle Lever Punch, XX-Large.
  • 1.5 inch Hole Puncher. This is for the black part of the reindeer’s eyes. I use EK Success Large Punch-Circle, 1.5″.

How to Make DIY Reindeer Gift Bags 

These directions are for one Reindeer goodie bag.

DIY Reindeer Gift Bags

1. Use the 2.5 inch hole puncher to cut two circles out of the white cardstock. 

2. Use the 2.5 inch hole puncher to cut one circle out of the red glitter cardstock.

3. Punch out two black circles with the 1.5 inch hole puncher.

4. Sketch (or trace) the tiny black mouth then cut it out with scissors. I included a close-up of my design so you can use it as a reference. You are also welcome to print it then cut it. If you do this, please make sure the mouth is the size you want before pressing print. It’s possible that it may print waaayy too big, if you do not adjust it. 

5. Cut two small pieces of the double-sided tape. Put one on one side of each black circle. If you are just using a glue roller, roll it on the black circles.

6. Peel off the backing on the tape and stick one black circle on one white circle. Repeat with the other black and white circles.

7. Cut and place tape on the backs of the two white circles and the one red glitter circle. If you are just using a glue roller, roll glue on them.

8. Peel off the backs of the tape and stick the circles on the brown bag. 

DIY Reindeer Gift Bags

9. Use the glue roller to glue the tiny mouth to the bag. You can cut a tiny piece of double-sided tape to do this. I just like how the glue roller holds down the edges. It’s also easier.

DIY Reindeer Gift Bags

DIY Reindeer Gift Bags – The Antlers

10. Take two brown pipe cleaners. Cut about 3 inches off of one end. Put all the pieces to the side.

11. Take 4 pipe cleaners, bend them in half, and cut. You should now have 8 pieces that are around 6 inches in length.

12. Put 4 of the 6 in. pieces to the side. Take the other 4 pieces, bend them in half, and cut. You should now have 8 pieces that are around 3 inches long. (10 pieces if you include the pieces from step 10).

Wrapping Time – One Antler

13. Take 1 of the long pipe cleaners (9 inches). At about 2 inches from one end, wrap a 6 in. pipe cleaner. Wrap it around 6-7 times. Have both sides end on one side of the main (9 in.) pipe cleaner.

14. At about an inch below where you wrapped the last 6 in. pipe cleaner, wrap another 6 in. pipe cleaner. Twist it around 6-7 times.

15. Take 1 of the smallest pipe cleaners (3 inches) and wrap it around one side of the wrapped 6 in. pipe cleaner. I almost said “one end”, but it should be about an inch from the actual end of the pipe cleaner. I chose to wrap it around the top right piece.

16. Wrap 1 of the 3 in. pipe cleaners around one side of a different 6 inch pipe cleaner. I chose the bottom right one. Once again, wrap it about 1 inch from the actual end of the pipe cleaner.

17. Wrap 1 of the 3 in. pipe cleaners around one side of a wrapped 3 in. pipe cleaner. I chose the top piece of the bottom right pipe cleaner… if that makes sense. Please see the photo.

18. Wrap 1 of the 3 in. pipe cleaners around the original 9 in. pipe cleaner. It is the second from the bottom on the left.

Time for the Second Antler

19. Repeat steps 13-18.

20. Bend and twist the pipe cleaners. Play around with them until you like how they look.

21. Take 1 antler. Wrap the bottom (well, several inches from the bottom. This depends on your desired look and the size of your bag. You should have more than enough pipe cleaner for all sizes) around one side of the front handle of the bag.

DIY Reindeer Gift Bags

22. I also wrap the singular pipe cleaner (bottom of the bent and twisted ones) around the middle to top side of the handle. This is to secure the antlers in place.

DIY Reindeer Gift Bags

23. Repeat steps 21 and 22.

You’re done!

Admire your DIY Reindeer Gift Bags!!

DIY Reindeer Gift Bags

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Guide! I would love to see your creations!

Do you have any suggestions for upcoming DIY guides? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Crafting!!!

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DIY Reindeer Gift Bags

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